I’m a musician and I’ve built/cobbled together a ton of stuff… A plugin to play music on a wordpress site even when you navigate pages, a sampled piano player out of a raspberry pi that works really well & sounds awesome… a one button and live to twitch and periscope raspberry pi broadcaster… a few pre-amps and diy audio stuff… working on a drum pedal with an ardiuno… A cloudphone for my family to use… Various security protocols for wordpress on a server… a load of clever mautic tricks so you can have an expensive mailing list manager… There’s more… You get the idea!

I’m going to stick it all up here for people to see how I did it and cobble together their own solutions to their own very individual requirements ‘cos that’s what it’s all about!

If you wanna check out my music here’s me: robertmichaelkay.com I’m mostly found on twitch and twitter.